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IOSH Managing Safely


  • Essential leaning for anyone with H&S responsibilities.
  • Required prior to undertaking IOSH Level 3
  • Marble offer the full package combining the two courses over a 10 day course.
  • Ask for details, call 01527 835 947

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IOSH Working safely


  • Excellent course for all workers no matter the sector.
  • CITB recognised towards CSCS Green card

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Health & Safety for Business Level 3


  • Assessment based course 
  • Leading to Tech-IOSH post nominals
  • A professional H&S qualification
  • Recognised within the industry

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IOSH Managing Safley


Professional ladder leading to post nominal Tech IOSH

Work towards professional membership

The Institution of Occupational Health and Safety [IOSH] is a globally respected chartered body that champions the highest workplace standards of health and safety. 

Who is the course aimed at?

IOSH Managing Safely is for anyone who has organisational responsibilities for managing health and safety risks, resources and workplace practices.

What do I get out of the course?

It provides an excellent foundation for health and safety management, and for those looking to pursue a H&S career and gain further qualifications it provides an excellent foundation from which to progress. your next step would be NEBOSH National General Certificate, and yes we deliver that too.

How long does the course take to complete?

We deliver this IOSH Managing Safely course in three days, it covers, in detail, the core responsibilities of anyone tasked with managing workplace health and safety. Health and safety training is a key requirement for all organisation. Here at Marble Training we provide IOSH Working Safely too, this is generally offered for in-house courses only.

What is the program

  • Unit 1: Introduction and Overview
  • Unit 2: Risk Assessment
  • Unit 3: Risk Control
  • Unit 4: Health and Safety Legislation
  • Unit 5: Common Hazards
  • Unit 6: Investigating Accidents and Incidents
  • Unit 7: Measuring Performance

In preparation for the end-of-course examinations, we provide daily interactive homework assignments and quizzes to help the learning process. 

IOSH Certification

To successfully complete the course and gain the IOSH Course certificate, students must complete a 45-minute examination to assess their learning and carry out a practical risk assessment to demonstrate the application of knowledge gained.

Please see the video highlights below.

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IOSH Working Safely


Be safe in the work place

The Institution of Occupational Health and Safety [IOSH] is a globally respected chartered body that champions the highest workplace standards of health and safety. 
That said they are passionate about H&S for employees at any level within the organisation. They provide courses, to build skill  and knowledge so everyone in the workplace so they can undertake their duties safely

Nationally recognised and respected

IOSH Working Safely is aimed at people at all levels within an organisation and it meets the guidelines for introductory health and safety training required by the HSE

It makes difference

Those who undertake the will appreciate the importance of risk management and workplace precautions, they learn how to make a difference both to themselves and others by changing their behaviour.

Course duration

One day either at one of our venues or in-house to save your people the trouble of travelling.

The program

  • Module 1: Introducing working safely
  • Module 2: Defining hazard and risk
  • Module 3: Identifying common hazards
  • Module 4: Improving safety performance
  • Module 5: Protecting our environment

In-house training

This course is offered on clients' premises, specifically for a group of your employees. we can adapt the course to meet you workplace requirements

Call us for further information 01527 835 947

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IOSH Working Safely Video

Check out this great video

IOSH Health & Safety for Business Level 3


Invest in the future

 The Ofqual-regulated Level 3 Certificate in Safety and Health for Business has been developed by IOSH in collaboration with awarding body NCFE. It is cost-effective, time-efficient, regulated and highly relevant for businesses. 

Qualification outline and assessments

 Each of the three units is assessed in a unique, more flexible way designed to test a range of soft skills vital to both delegates and their employers. 

Unit 01 

Safety and health management in an organisation Focused on the value of workplace health and well-being, including health hazards, safety hazards, health assessment, global trends and good practice, including CPD. 


Delegates develop and write a business case to implement an enhanced safety and health management system within an organisation, putting theory into practice in a way relevant to all sectors, organisations and workplaces. 

Unit 02 

How to influence a safety and health culture within an organisation Going beyond compliance, this unit gives insights into and teaches ways of delivering positive safety culture change, tackling behavioural and operational challenges to boost business performance and strengthen corporate governance. 


Delegates complete a project researching organisational health and safety culture, using primary and secondary research methods to collect data. They produce a report evaluating the existing safety culture and recommending an improvement plan. 

Unit 03 

A strategic, business-focused approach to safety and health This unit explores organisations, their functions and how to effectively influence success. This includes topics such as accountability, ethics, compliance, managing uncertainty, and other long-term strategic megatrends affecting modern business. 


The delegate analyses the main functions and aims of an organisation, including how strategic drivers affect its operation, then develops and delivers a presentation they could use to 


 This factsheet gives further essential information about the new IOSH qualification.  

It tells you more about the application and approvals process, support provided for trainers, delegate pre-requisites and recognition of prior learning, the likely amount of study time required, resources for self-study, and assessment processes and tasks.  

How much self-study time is a learner likely to spend?  

The total qualification time is 121 hours, comprising: -  

  • 60 guided learning hours; and -  
  • 61 hours of self-study time, which includes time for completing the assessment tasks. 

The amount of time allocated per unit is as follows: -  

  • Unit 1: 24 hours guided learning, 29 hours self-study -  
  • Unit 2: 18 hours guided learning, 16 hours self-study -  
  • Unit 3: 18 hours guided learning, 16 hours self-study. 

What is involved in the learner’s self-study?  Self-study time is directed by, but not under the immediate guidance or supervision of, a trainer, lecturer, supervisor, tutor or other appropriate provider of education or training. 

It builds on the IOSH resources provided in the guided learning hours, so in addition to the course lectures that take place within those guided learning hours (which are based on detailed trainer notes and lesson plans), all learners will receive: -  

  • a text book -  
  • detailed guidance on what they are required to undertake as self-study, including the assessment tasks -  
  • links to relevant IOSH resources that can be used throughout the course of study. 

  • Time to recap on the learner’s self-study is built into the guided learning hours for each unit. 

How are the learners assessed?  Learner assessment takes a portfolio-based approach which means there is no need to attend an examination centre and sit an exam. 

For each of the three units in IOSH Safety and Health for Business, there is a mandatory assessment task for each learner to complete individually. 

Each assessment task can be contextualised by the training provider to suit the needs of the learners and has been purposely designed to give learners the opportunity to evidence the required learning outcomes and assessment criteria. The tasks are as follows: 

Unit 01  

Write a business case (of up to 2000 words) to recommend the introduction or improvement of an Occupational Safety and Health Management System for an organisation of their choice 

Unit 02  

Complete a research project into organisational safety and health culture, using both primary and secondary research methods. Then present a report evaluating the existing safety culture on an organisation with a plan for improvement. 

Unit 03  

Choose an element of an organisation’s value chain, understand its strategic drivers, main functions and the effect of safety and health within it. Look into the value safety and health can create for the organisation and present findings in a recorded presentation. 

Time allocation for completing each of these three assessment tasks is taken from the learner’s self-study time allowance. 

Assessments are marked by the IOSH Centre. They are pass or fail assessments. Candidates will be assessed on the degree to which they meet the learning outcomes and assessment criteria. 

This portfolio-based approach to the assessment will help the learners develop appropriate techniques required by industry, such as writing a business case, carrying out 

Delegate pre-requisites

 All learners are required to have undertaken an IOSH Managing Safely course within three years of registering on the qualification. This includes a Managing Safely Refresher course or IOSH-approved versions of Managing Safely. 

Call us on 01527 835 947 for further information

General information

The professional body to be part of


  • IOSH, the industry leaders providing a pathway through their accredited IOSH Courses and memberships for chartered status. IOSH Managing Safely is an ideal first step in Health and Safety management.

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We use original IOSH material

  • The material used on our IOSH courses is written by the professional body of IOSH. It is supported by their powerpoint presentation material too.

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  • You will receive the official IOSH certificate proudly showing your name and either  IOSH Managing Safely or IOSH Working Safely course attended. It is professionally recognised .

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Our venue or we come to you


  • Book your IOSH Courses at one of our UK venues. Alternatively, we offer in-house and block booking deals which are very cost efficient for multiple bookings. In-house courses do not need to run on your premises, we can deliver the course at a venue of your choice

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IOSH Managing Safley


  • Our IOSH Managing Safely is delivered in three days, getting your busy people back to work.  
  • This is important for you and to them. They can start to use the IOSH Course  knowledge for the benefit of the organisation. This health and safety training will help protect your business and  your employees too.

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IOSH Working Safely


  • No matter what your sector, IOSH Working Safely course is ideal to show your employees and customers you care. Additionally, it provides certification for CITB cards required to work in the construction industry. However, if you prefer a CITB certified qualification, we provide that too.

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IOSH Courses